Hail and Welcome!

Hail and Welcome

…to my little blogging corner of the interwebs! I’m so excited you’re here!

Today I figured I would just do a quick intro into who I am, what my business specializes in, what content you can expect from this blog, and how you can become an active member of my magickal little tribe! (Complete with a special coupon code for blog readers! Everyone loves saving money, right? Right!)

So, first things first!

...see, this is me with the Awkward Selfie...
…see, this is me with the Awkward Selfie…

My name is Jessi, and I’m the genius mastermind behind the SunshineHideaway. I’m the caretaker/maid for two lovely kitties Spark and Faithful, who are the inspiration that drives me in my daily live. I love these little guys, and (at the risk of looking like being a crazy cat lady) work hard so that they can have a good life. ❤

My passions are anything that promotes a healthy, sustainable life. I love researching health topics, running, yoga, belly dancing, CrossFit, MovNat, (mostly) Paleo, barefoot living, dirt-worshiping modern hippie stuff. And music, enjoying nature, coffee, my boyfriend, questions, thinking of answers, reading, writing, trying to become a better person, trying to brighten the world around me, and stopping to smell the flowers, even long after they’re dead…

Yes, those are some dead flowers I have on my desk right now, sitting beautifully in a Ball jar with random lovely keepsakes. No negative judgements needed, please! (But I will love silly jibes at my uniqueness!)
Yes, those are some dead flowers I have on my desk right now, sitting beautifully in a Ball jar with random lovely keepsakes. No negative judgements needed, please! (But I will love silly jibes at my uniqueness!)

So you can expect this blog to be an outlet for me to spill my guts on whatever topic I feel passionate about that particular day. Sometimes I’ll do promotions for my biz, other times I’ll post reviews for other people (I’ll be careful to disclose what I get in exchange so that you can trust that there will be transparency in these types of posts), and other times I’ll do tutorials on how to make your own unique gifts or show some behind-the-scenes business-y stuff. (I’m a fan of transparency–it makes it easier to share ideas and improve that way!)

How YOU Can be an Active Member of My Loving Tribe

Please, share my journey! I want to share in yours! Especially if we can both be positive forces in each others’ lives and lift each other up and open each others’ eyes to see more beauty in the world! I’d love to hear from you all, so be sure to keep up with my Contact page to see the most up-to-date way of keeping in touch.

But for now, I use Facebook and Twitter to post daily about my promotions and general goings-on with the biz, and Pinterest to organize my products (past and current) and future ideas for my business.

...and my lovely muses! I don't mind that they're the face of the biz...
…and my lovely muses! I don’t mind that they’re the face of the biz…they don’t have the means to take awkward selfies of themselves…

And Now…The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

A coupon code!!! Yay! For my blog readers, I’ve crafted a very special “Thank-you”: a coupon code that gives YOU, my lovely, gorgeous/handsome, favorite-person-on-the-internet-right-now person…(*dundundun*)…FREE SHIPPING on orders over $15!! (Domestic only, sorry International business. Contact me and maybe we can work something out!)

Oh, wait, you want that code, right? Let me also let you know that this is only good thru the rest of this calendar year. I’ll come up with another one later, I promise.

And the code is: THX4RDNG

Pretty creative, don’t cha think? I thought so 😉

Anyway, that’s all, folks, and thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.

Sending love! I hope you get out there and enjoy the beauty today.



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