A Note on My Vulnerability Challenge (Day 2)

I feel as if my last post was not organized very well, and I apologize for such disorganization–especially if it was so hard to read.

The important thing is, however, that it got me thinking about my Vulnerability Challenge.


…anyway, while I was racking my brain for ideas last night, I came up with 3 Rules (so far) for myself so that I can take the most advantage of this challenge.

Rules (in order of importance…)
1.)  Share or do something that makes you feel vulnerable, at least once a day, for 100 days.2.)  Document your experiences to yourself.
3.)  Share your experiences (at least) weekly via blogging, and in another way when appropriate.

So, in addition to these rules, I came up with some things to do when I feel stuck, and have successfully documented for 2 days’ worth of vulnerability.

Have you ever done such a challenge before? Would you care to join me? Or share ideas or similar experiences? Please join in the conversation!



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