My $175 Investment…

First off, I’d like to say that I hope my readers have had a great holiday season with their families! I hope you enjoyed each others’ company and were able to experience the joy of giving and receiving.

I was (very!) fortunate enough to get everything I wanted (and more!).


For those who are personal Facebook friends with me, you know I’m a health nut and that I’ve been LOVING both my FitbitHR and my NutriBullet. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They are going to seriously REVOLUTIONIZE the way I do fitness, and I am SO FUCKING READY to kick some ass and start improving myself and my body.

On that same note, I also got a water infuser, which is totally sweet! My new favorite recipe with that has been grapefruit, lime and a cinnamon stick. AND I got a 35 lbs Kettlebell! AWW yeah! Goblet squats, AmKBS, and RKBS here I come! (…for all those other Crossfitters out there!)

My lovely boyfriend got me a rock tumbler, so I will be using that in the near future to help smooth out some stones for my jewelry making for THE BEST CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD!!!

And the best part is, I got enough MONEY $$$ for the holidays that I was able to buy my own…

*pause for effect*



This, my dear friends, is a rigid heddle loom that will be arriving in about a week, and I will soon have some products available on the shop from my very own loom! I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!


So, there’s the short and sweet story about my new toys, and my latest improvements for the shop. I’ve already got a couple of ideas about what I’m going to do first on the loom: one “practice” scarf so I can get the hang of it–this will either be to sell online or to keep/give away as a gift, and then I’ve got a gift idea for a great friend and excellent resource in my life, too. (It’s so big! It’s going to be fucking FABULOUSLY fantastic! So big and fantastic that I may just take awesomesauce pics of it and post it on the shop as “Made to Order”, but that’s going to be a few weeks out, anyway…)

The sky is the limit!

Also, a quick note on goal setting: I’ve set a big and scary sales goal for my shop this year, so, if you love me, please please PLEEEAASE help me out by spreading the word. Share this blog, my Twitter page, my Pinterest page, or my Facebook page with anyone you think would connect well with my products. Or email me at to send me your physical address so I can send you my business cards!

Spark & Faithful

Thank you so much for being the best blog readers and customers in the world! And because you’re the best, and I love you, I’ve made a new coupon code for 2016! BLOGREADER16 will get you guys 15% off any purchase over $5, and is good until the end of this year! Toodles!



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