Special Announcement

Hello, all! Sorry for the late blog post, I’ve had a busy week!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten my loom from the dealer–we haven’t fully put it together, yet, but that’s alright because I’m finishing up a crochet project for a customer, so I’ve told myself I have to have that one done before I can start on my loom projects, anyway.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in on this lovely, cold, winter Saturday to let you know that I’ve got some big plans for launching a special product for my business coming up in about a month. My birthday is Feb. 25th, so I thought I’d like to have a little Sunshine Hideaway celebration. So, stay tuned! And make sure you follow me on my various social media pages to keep up with the latest news on my big product launch.

Thanks so much for reading!

Jessi, Spark and Faithful


Please remember I’ve set a big and scary sales goal for my shop this year, so, if you love me, please please PLEEEAASE help me out by spreading the word. Share this blog, my Twitter page, my Pinterest page, or my Facebook page with anyone you think would connect well with my products. Or email me at sunshine.hideaway@yahoo.com to send me your physical address so I can send you my business cards!

And, of course:

Thank you so much for being the best blog readers and customers in the world! And because you’re the best, and I love you, I’ve made a new coupon code for 2016! BLOGREADER16 will get you guys 15% off any purchase over $5, and is good until the end of this year! Toodles!


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