Oracle Package Details!!

Hello, all!

First off, so sorry it’s taken me a long time to get this penned (or typed) out! I’ve got myself in a bit of a habitual groove, so hopefully I’ll be better at including the blog in future weeks!

Now, for the details on my Oracle Package launch that is happening in ~13 days!!!


First off, the features: What exactly do you get with this purchase?

~~ A 12-Month Overview Reading (delivered within a week or two of purchase)
~~ TWELVE (12) 3-Card Advice Readings (delivered as a monthly subscription)
~~ SIX (6) Anytime 1-Card Check-In Readings (shoot me an email with a quick check-in question or situation, and I’ll deliver your reading pronto!)
~~ A Big-Question 15-Card Tree Advice Reading (again, email me with your question and you’ll receive the answer ASAP)
~~ BONUS: For the first 26 customers who sign up, you’ll also receive THREE (3) 7-Card Tree Advice Readings (also via fast-as-a-hare email)
***All readings will have detailed pictures of each card, as well as a breakdown of what each card means, it’s position in the reading, and an overview of the entire reading, as well. All readings are delivered by email as a .PDF file.***

All in all, the entire package deal is worth $138 (or $183 for the first 26 customers).

I’m going to offer these package deals at $100.

That’s just greater than a 25% off sale, even if you aren’t one of the first 26 customers.

If you are one of thew first lucky few, that’s a savings of 55%.



Next, the benefits: Who is this best for? And why you should invest in this year-long subscription?

This package deal is a great investment for those who want regular spiritual check-ins to help keep you on your truest Path. If you like having regular access to your personal spiritual consultant (or would like to try having such access for the first time!), this package deal will be an excellent fit into your spiritual life. I’ve made this package to be an encouragement when the suckies strike, a thought-provoking way of connecting with the Universe, and a uniquely personalized style of divine interaction.

It’s as if you have access to a spiritual guidance counselor, or, as I’d like to call myself, a Modern-Day Oracle…complete with delivery right to your inbox. With access to smart phones, these days, connecting with the divine can be as easy as reaching into your pocket.

Naturally, you would get all the personalization available when you choose this package deal–that means you’d get to choose your deck for each reading, and each reading will be individualized and connected to your Yearly Overview reading and past monthly readings. (I keep very detailed records to help me connect with each customer so I can be more in tune with what life has in store for you!)


Okay, okay, so I’ve convinced you…

So when is the big launch, exactly?

The Oracle Package will launch opens at 12:01 AM EST on Thursday, February 25th and closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 28th. You can keep an eye for the launch package to show up here on my Etsy shop.

As always, keep up-to-date on all launch details here, and on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I’m doing this awesome launch to help me celebrate my 26th birthday (that’s why the first 26 customers get an extra sweetener), so please spread the word to those who would benefit from this awesome subscription.

Loving blessings,
Spark and Faithful




Please remember I’ve set a big and scary sales goal for my shop this year, so, if you love me or my products and services, then please please PLEEEAASE help me out by spreading the word. Share this blog, my Twitter page, my Pinterest page, or my Facebook page with anyone you think would connect well with my products. Or email me at to send me your physical address so I can send you my business cards!

And, of course:

Thank you so much for being the best blog readers and customers in the world! And because you’re the best, and I love you, I’ve made a new coupon code for 2016! BLOGREADER16 will get you guys 15% off any purchase over $5, (yes, including the oracle package!) and is good until the end of this year! Toodles!



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