Short, Exciting Update

First off, the launch went smoothly and as expected!! I’m excited to report that I have new, regular customers for the next 12 months! So thankful that they decided to take the leap with me and do the subscription tarot/oracle package. I feel like I’m a card-carrying spiritual consultant, now, and it’s thanks to them!

Secondly, I’m proud to announce I’ve dived more into my self-employment than I ever really believed to be possible. I have invested in a business coaching group, a personal program that focuses on dealing with Unknowing with Grace, Ease and Courage, as well as another self-employment endeavor that will, hopefully, turn into a loving relationship that is more in line with my true purpose and soul connection with the Universe. (No specifics today, but I WILL be sharing more at a later date!)

Finally, while watching some educational videos, I was able to break out the crafting supplies and create some new physical products!! You should expect these on my “shelves” either today or tomorrow. (I know, making and sticking to a schedule is on my to-do list! Bad Jessi!)

Thanks for reading!

Love and Respect,
Spark and Faithful


Please remember I’ve set a big and scary sales goal for my shop this year, so, if you love me or my products and services, then please please PLEEEAASE help me out by spreading the word. Share this blog, my Twitter page, my Pinterest page, or my Facebook page with anyone you think would connect well with my products. Or email me at to send me your physical address so I can send you my business cards!

And, of course:

Thank you so much for being the best blog readers and customers in the world! And because you’re the best, and I love you, I’ve made a new coupon code for 2016! BLOGREADER16 will get you guys 15% off any purchase over $5, and is good until the end of this year! Toodles!


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