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SunshineHideaway is a start-up company that is interested in sharing jewelry, crochet goods, and oracle readings with the world. Two cats, Spark and Faithful, provide the inspiration for the business and can be seen featured in various pictures and even the current logo itself. The utmost care is put into each of our products, with respect to the needs of each current (and potential) customers–which does mean keeping the kitties away from the crochet goods, for a variety of good reasons...

SunshineHideaway features handmade goods and oracle readings. Some listings include upcycled jewelry, and all will make great gifts–for yourself or a loved one! All my products are crafted with love and respect, and with great care.

My mission is to help inspire people to be more healthy, creative, and sustainable. I hope that the products you find at my shop help you appreciate the beauty that can be found all around.

The Inspiration

Spark and Faithful

Mr. Spark
Spark has always been quite the character! He is a beautiful orange and white kitty who loves his momma and anyone else who walks in the door! Since it’s hard to come up with a nickname that’s shorter than “Spark,” his momma decided to sometimes call him “Sunshine”…and, yes, sometimes I do sing the song “You Are My Sunshine…” while dancing with him. Poor Spark!

For those fellow geeks reading this, you will appreciate that yes, I did name him after the comic relief kitty in Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. And, yes, he does sometimes do the “Death from above!”

Mr. Faithful
Faithful came to me about a year ago, now, and is also a very loving kitty. Black with a little bit of white, I named him after Tamora Pierce’s character Faithful from her Song of the Lioness Quartet books. He is the clumsiest cat I’ve ever known and still glomps all over the place with big thud-thud-thuds like a miniature horse instead of the quiet pitter-patter of kitty feet.


Hello, my name is Jessi. I’m your classic mid-20’s wild women entrepreneur. I identify with people who realize there’s beauty in the world and want to showcase that in my life. I want to be able to help others live more healthy, sustainable lifestyles, and I’ve found one way to do that is through my crafting and oracle work!

I started reading tarot about 7 years ago, at the start of my college career, and love to use the symbolism in the cards to tell a story. If you’ve got a problem or a situation you need help working through, I’d love to do a reading to help you figure it out!

Fast forward to after graduation and getting my first job as a phone jockey. After a few months of that, I noticed I was gaining the Freshman 15 for the first time in my life! (More like the Freshman 20! Yikes!) So I started a home yoga routine, started eating healthier, and eventually got into running and CrossFit. Through my phone jockey career, I tried to stay active and moving and LOVING my body and the awesome, amazing things it does for me. If you ever want to chat about my journey to a healthy lifestyle, I’m always game!

My love of crafts has stuck with me. I learned to crochet from the babysitter my parents had my sister and I go to when we were kids, and so I decided to pick it up again and try to make unique gifts for the people I loved. I made a baby blanket for my cousin’s first child, then another for my friend’s first child, and a third for my boyfriend’s first niece. So far, I’ve received a lot of appreciation from the recipients of these baby blankets and really appreciate the feedback.

It wasn’t until recently that I thought I would try to make some money from the crafts that I love so much. My shop opened on September 1st of 2015, and I’m kept busy trying to share my gifts with the world.

Feel free to contact me by email at sunshine.hideaway@yahoo.com, or anywhere here on this blog! I’d love to hear your story, your feedback, and how I can best help you on your journey.

I hope you find beauty on your life’s path today, and every day.

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Yes! I DO have a Facebook page and I DO post my promotions there. Please like my page and follow it for all my up to date promo-codes, news, and discounts!

I also have a Twitter account and post my promotions and some new products there, as well. Please follow me!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or special orders.


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